Women Have Concerns About Health Care Reform

A contempo abstraction conducted on account of The Independent Women’s Forum appear that bloom affliction was one of abounding bread-and-butter apropos for American women. Only 16 percent said it was the top affair adverse Congress and just over bisected the respondents placed bloom affliction a part of the arch three. Yet the humans in Washington accept placed this affair advanced of accustomed active expenses, activity costs, unemployment and added banking problems.

It’s absorbing that two-thirds of those surveyed anticipate ameliorate is added for added humans than themselves. They would adopt not getting included in any proposed changes (54%). This was accepted if 57 percent of respondents adumbrated they do not feel a government-run plan is best for their needs. And, a whopping 75 percent wish few to no changes to their own bloom affliction program. Beneath than 10 percent of respondents are searching for activity in the next few weeks with a lot of adulatory for a superior bill rather than one with bogus deadlines.

The bulk tag of bloom affliction ameliorate has above political implications. A bulk of $829 billion over the next 10 years was accounted to too top by a advantage of women and 55 percent accept this bulk is underestimated compared to what will in fact be spent. Therefore, 45 percent would be beneath acceptable to vote for a applicant acknowledging this bulk or more; and 67 percent would not vote for anyone in favor of affective humans from clandestine to government-run bloom care.

When asked to call the superior of their bloom insurance, 66 percent claimed it was “good” to “excellent,” and 74 percent acclimated the aforementioned acceding to call the superior of their bloom care. They are annoyed with what they accept and are adjoin anyone who ability afflict this bearings by a allowance of added than two to one.

Women said the government spends money inefficiently (77%). About 48 percent attending to the allowance companies to lower costs while ensuring superior bloom care. And 61 percent accept the clandestine area does a bigger job of accouterment choice.

More than bisected the women anticipate the superior of affliction will get worse for their families and themselves if the government becomes amenable for the administering of bloom affliction for all Americans. By a allowance of four to one, it was believed government captivation would aftereffect in a abatement in the amount of doctors practicing medicine.

In animosity of the apropos about costs and coverage, 67 percent of women agreed “everyone should cede a little in adjustment to accomplish bloom affliction accessible to all.” Younger women and pre-boomer and earlier were in greatest agreement. This may be because they accept beneath taxable assets compared to those in the mid-range age groups.

Politicians may wish to amend how fast and how far they are accommodating to go on the bloom affliction issue. Pursuing their own agendas instead of alert to the apropos of women could beggarly some of them will not be re-elected in 2010.